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Article Prototype

Rivista Publications makes the authors feel at ease with publishing their work. Please check with the list below before your submission.

  • 1. Cover letter
  • 2. Article title
  • 3. Author(s) with complete affiliation
  • 4. Abstract
  • 5. Keywords
  • 6. Abbreviations (if used)
  • 7. Introduction
  • 8. Materials and Methods/ Headings
  • 9. Results
  • 10. Discussions
  • 11. Conclusions
  • 12. Tables
  • 13. Figures
  • 14. Supplementary files
  • 15. References/ Bibliography
  • 16. Acknowledgements
  • 17. Conflicts of interests

For each of the above 17 elements the description is given below:

1. Cover letter
  • It is to ensure that authors submit papers which have not been previously published/ are not being circulated in any other journal.
  • Rivista Publications cover letter can be easily accessed from the bottom of this web page.

2. Article title
  • Must be precise, succinct and relevant for content of the article.
  • Abbreviation/ short types in the title should be avoided.
  • Species/ scientific/ botanical names should be used with italics.

3. Author(s) with complete affiliation
  • Include the full names of all authors and co-authors involved in the work.
  • Display a symbol asterisk (*) to the corresponding author.
  • Provide affiliation to all authors including Department/ Specialty, University/ Hospital/ Institute, City, State, Nation, E-mail, and Tel.

4. Abstract
  • Conveying importance of the work to a wide audience should be clear, concise and transparent.
  • Do not use any references or short forms.
  • A description of the results and the importance of their findings should be given in brief, with 400-450 words.

5. Keywords
  • Kindly provide 5-7 words.

6. Abbreviations (if used)
  • Mention the full list of abbreviations used in the document.

7. Introduction
  • This should be broad enough to attract the interest of a reader from a wide variety of scientific disciplines.

8. Materials and Methods/ Headings
  • Include a detailed overview of all content forms used.
  • The methods portion should contain sufficient information to enable other researchers to reproduce all the procedures.
  • Authors can divide this into subsections if there are several methods outlined.

9. Results
  • It must explain the outcome of an article with its findings and its conclusions.
  • The tables, figures, statistics and all related details should be simple, comprehensible and descriptive.

10. Discussions
  • This segment must illustrate the importance of findings pertaining to the reasons for conducting the study.
  • Advantages and limitations of the work should be written.
  • Understandings and consequences of the context are to be included that will suggest potential directions for the research.

11. Conclusions
  • Could be given for article closure.

12. Tables
  • All tables listed in the article should be in the format of .doc.
  • Legends for every table should be provided without fail.
  • Send tables with exact numbers.
  • Mention correct position in the text to insert these tables.

13. Figures
  • All the figures listed in the article should be given in 300 dpi resolution PNG, TIFF, and JPEG formats.
  • Figure legends should be made available without fail.
  • Mention the exact numbers for all figures.
  • Describe the correct position in the text to insert certain figures.

14. Supplementary files
  • Any additional files should be clearly stated and properly provided with a minimum file size.

15. References/ Bibliography
  • Include the exact list of all sources included in this article.
  • The reference list should include only the published or accepted papers.
  • The number of references in the text must tally with the number in bibliography section.
  • Do not repeat the references with different number.
  • The sample manuscript design guides the exact structure of references to be followed.

16. Acknowledgements
  • Authors can provide funding sources, grants, appreciation, information of individual(s) who made a significant contribution to the study etc.

17. Conflicts of interests
  • The article should be free of any disputes between authors or with others.

Your future article is now easy to send. Please consider the guides below for your reference.

Rivista Publications Cover Letter
Rivista Publications Manuscript Template

Hopefully, this page will be a good guide to prepare and submit your potential article.


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