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Author Guidelines/ Criteria for Authors

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Authors are the one who conveys their results of the research to the world in the form of an article. Scientific research means moving beyond well-tested ideas and hypotheses that form the foundation of scientific knowledge. Rivista Publications therefore calls on the authors/ researchers to meet the guidelines set out below.

  • Authors should ensure that the work is performed in a responsible and ethical manner in accordance with all applicable regulations. The author is solely responsible for his/ her work and the published material.
  • The papers should carry out new work proving to be a significant addition to the science field. There may be considerable evidence supporting the research work, conclusions and methods, but the topic/ content discussed in the article must not have been published earlier.
  • Authors are expected to submit the article in Microsoft word format accompanied by a cover letter. Please keep as basic text layout as possible. If any equations and formulae are available, they should be easily legible and written using Math Type preferably. The figures and tables should be of high quality.
  • Authors should immediately respond to e-mails from the Editorial Office for swift execution of the project. Also, during the peer review period, authors should be co-operative for best performance of the article that is eventually written.

  • Plagiarism Policy

  • Plagiarism is a widespread issue that is often overlooked and is often the product of lack of awareness and ability. This is the inappropriate copying, stealing and publishing of the words, feelings, ideas, phrases of another author and their portrayal as one's own original work. This is seen as scholarly dishonesty and a violation of journalistic ethics.
  • Rivista Publications adheres to a strict tolerance for plagiarism under its purview. If any aspect of plagiarism is identified by the Editorial Board member, Reviewer, author, etc., then it is recommended that the authors provide proper citations. An article plagiarized by over 25 percent will be subjected to rejection and the author will be notified of the same.
  • Before commencing the review process, the manuscript submitted is evaluated for plagiarism. If the plagiarism surpassed the reach, the manuscript is sent back to the author, and the authors are advised to rewrite and resubmit the manuscript.

Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal request generally is a wastage of precious resources including editors, reviewers, and the editorial staff unless there are unavoidable reasons. The author is allowed to withdraw the manuscript without paying any withdrawal fees within 48 hours of submission. If the author(s) request a withdrawal of manuscript after the peer review process or in the production stage, then they are liable to pay withdrawal charges.


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