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Editor Guidelines

The Editorial Board member plays an important role in improving the content of journals. Below is a brief description of the roles and duties.

  • The most important point is that the Editors must engage actively in journal activities and events.
  • Should provide guidance to improve the journal’s aim and scope.
  • Must help in the preparation and timely execution of journal activities.
  • Suggesting new ideas and offering feedback on their execution is one of the main responsibilities.
  • Must engage in the process of peer review of papers submitted from the Editorial office. At the point of unavailability/ if the assigned article does not fall within the scope of research interest, the editor can provide the same information so that the editorial team can search for an alternative that will speed up the process without delay.
  • The Editor may also recommend some of his or her colleagues working in the field concerned, so that the Editorial office can contact them with the appropriate reference.
  • If the Editor decides to carry out the peer review process, this should be carried out in depth and the necessary changes should be clearly suggested.
  • The Editor should actively review the revised article and should inform us of the decision to proceed with its publication.
  • If the Editor refuses to publish an article, he/ she must give an elaborated explanation.
  • Editors are solely responsible for ensuring the content is safe and confidential.
  • Contribution on behalf of Editors is very significant, allowing the journal to publish reliable and timely issues.

Rivista Publications invites leading practitioners from all facets of the academic community to join us and become a part of our publishing worldwide. Scientists, medical practitioners, researchers and other professionals working to explore various fields are welcome to join our Board enabling us to ensure quality in all the papers we publish. We fully trust our Editors as we believe their experience and professionalism are the backbone for successful outcome.


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We heartily welcome Professors, Researchers and Eminent Personnel to be a part of our respective Journals by collaborating as an Editor/ Associate Editor.

We cordially welcome Authors to make submissions based on your areas of interest.

We accept all types of articles and will carry out peer review process through proficient Editors before online publication.

The received submissions will be published in the respective Journals based on the theme.