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Volume 2022 Issue 1
Rivista Orthopaedics

Health Crisis, World Crisis

Ashwini Kalsait, S.*

Department of Physiotherapy, Dr Ulhas Patil College of Physiotherapy, India

*Correspondence to: Dr. Ashwini Kalsait, S., Department of Physiotherapy, Dr Ulhas Patil College of Physiotherapy, India.

Copyright © 2021 Dr. Ashwini Kalsait, S. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Received: 04 March 2022
Published: 10 March 2022

Keywords: Health Crises; COVID-19

Every common man is the universal entity of our world. Nature gives us tremendous heritage & resources to cope with the situations of day-to-day life. Our history is the prominent example of how the world suffer with the pandemic in the less facility of technology in the year 1796-smallpox, 1885-rabbies, 1914-whooping cough,1945-influenza, 1955-polio, 1963-mesles, 1967-mums, 1969-rubella, 1952-2016-ziko virus, 2002-2021-SARS&MERS, 2020-COVID-19. In this time line we observed that the technology is the prime base for the evacuation of pandemic but the world cope up with the scientific & medical progress day by day with prime aim of universal help to each other’s (country, man).

Nature is the almost prime source of all enmities gives us tremendous way and remedies to eradicate the pandemic. As base of human making help to each other is must. In progress of world we are equal & follow the basic principle of equality that whole world is our family &to fight with pandemic hand in hand help is must.

Our forefathers says that the technology along with our nature can boost up for the fighting with every crisis. Example- formation of vaccine medical health services to all. The pandemic has two salutary for societies first it has reminded us who truly keeps society functioning. key workers like health workers, care takers, social workers, drivers, teachers, bankers, police, farmers… etc. Society often talks these workers for granted but without them we could sink in chass. Second is that society &its system are much more fragile than many of us appreciated. The base of such pandemic crises as global we must follow the future of individual and humanity which is interlinked.


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