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Integrated digital platform of Rivista Publications is a trusted online archive that offers long-term preservation and access to academic content from around the world. We operate with a goal to help the scholarly world make the most of technical advances. Our team aims to ensure continued functionality subjected to occasional unavailability due to server maintenance and/or upgrades and network and downtime related to equipment or resources beyond control.

As an archive that serves the scholarly community, we provide long-term content preservation by pursuing best practices and standards in material creation and maintenance.


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We heartily welcome Professors, Researchers and Eminent Personnel to be a part of our respective Journals by collaborating as an Editor/ Associate Editor.

We cordially welcome Authors to make submissions based on your areas of interest.

We accept all types of articles and will carry out peer review process through proficient Editors before online publication.

The received submissions will be published in the respective Journals based on the theme.